Friday, 30 August 2013

Tess' One Hour Bag

My daughter mentioned that she had an invitation to a friend's birthday party.  We decided to make a gift and personalise a bag for my daughter's friend, Tess.

This Week's Pin:  One Hour Bag
Who's This For:  Tess
Price:  Under $15

My daughter took control of this project and chose the fabric and the Pin for the bag pattern.  This delightful Asian-inspired spotted cotton was gorgeous.  She also chose a green for the lining.  She has only sewn one project before, so we felt this was a simple project that she could tackle.

We made our own pattern from the tutorial.

We also cut felt to insert between fabric and lining to give the bag a little firmer shape.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.  It's a simple process of sewing the fronts and backs together (leaving an opening for turning), clipping seams on the curves and sewing the lining and felt to the inside of the fabric.  We made the shoulder strap long enough to wear over the head on the opposite shoulder.

We added press studs on either side of the inside to close the bag and then sewed buttons on the outside of the bag over the press studs.  This makes it easier to clip and unclip without pulling on the stitching or the fabric.

It did take longer than one hour but an experienced sewer could manage it under time.  It's the perfect project for a teen like my daughter, as it's personalised and so usable.  I'd call that a bag success.


"Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned."
Peter Marshall

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