Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Turning Quotes into a Picture File

This Week's Pin:  How to make your favourite quote into a picture file 
Who's This For?:  Creative computer users who need a little help from a tutorial

Pinterest is filled with quotes and memes (look it up) like this...

The sisterswhocan website detailed instructions on how to use Microsoft Word and Paint to turn your favourite quote into a picture file.  I followed the link to the updated version which details how to create a picture file using Powerpoint instead.

So, Step 1 is Open Powerpoint.  Geez, that needs a step?  Ok, so I open Powerpoint.

Step 2 Select all boxes.  Yep.

Step 3 Delete all formatting boxes.  Note:  Now you have a blank white 'page'.

Step 4 Click Insert 

Step 5 Word Art.

Now surely that's only one step:  Click Insert Word Art.  Done.  We could have cut that down to one step.

Step 6 Use Word Art to create your quote.

Yes, it's bad.  The pink font is just awful.  However, because the quote is about the colour pink, I'm experimenting and hoping that I can make the background a complimentary colour to make the words 'pop'.

Step 7 Add a background.  A rectangle was recommended.  Yes ma'am, rectangle coming up.

Wow, it's really looking good.  

Step 8 Select the shape, then right click to 'Send to Back'.  Sorry, but my apple doesn't right click for anyone.  So Ctrl Click will do the job.

Step 9 Manipulate your shape so it's the size, colour and placement you want.  Then select all objects on page.  Ok, hang on a minute, I've got a lot of tidying up to do now.

I added a picture, a gorgeous black and white of Audrey Hepburn.  Yes, the quote's one of hers.  I centred everything and squished up the text to the left, fiddle, fiddle, adjust, move and send to back, done.  The only extra touch was to make the text have a white solid background instead of being transparent so that the photograph didn't show through under the text.  If you don't know how to format some of these things, double-click on the item you wish to change and see what menu pops up.  That's standard procedure.

Step 10 Group everything.  This means, select all items after they are perfectly in place and right click (or Ctrl click for those with an apple mouse) and select group.  This will group all separate items into one piece.  Don't do this until everything is perfect and you've checked you're spelling.

Step 11 Here it is!  Right click (I've told you already about that) and 'Save as Picture'.  So it saves the border, the text and the image but not the white background around it.

Step 12 Name the file and put it somewhere you can find it later.  Thanks, I'll file mine under Random Acts of Artwork.

It's so easy to upload to the internet and of course, I pinned it.

Well, this process was super-easy and steps were clear.  However, the finer details of the formatting and 'tweaking' are up to you.  You're on your own with that tricky stuff.  Now you too can make those clever quote pictures that are all over the internet.  Give it a go.

'Till next week,

"The thing about quotes on the internet is you cannot confirm their validity."
- Abraham Lincoln

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