Friday, 2 August 2013

Surprising Leather Cleaner

This Pin is called the 'jean stain purse removal' but I think perhaps it should read 'removal of jean stain from purse'.  In no way is there purse removal involved.  However, the image below makes it pretty clear.

This Week's Pin:  Removal of jean stain from purse   
Who's This For?:  Me to use on every piece of leather in my house
Cost:  $5.69

At first, I thought that this was impossible.  I ran upstairs and grabbed an old handbag that I don't use for this precise reason.  The jeans I wore that season transferred some colour to the bag.  With nothing to lose, I found my daughter's Simple facial cleansing wipes (which are the exact brand used in the above Pin) and wiped away.  Eureka!  Stains transferred immediately to the cloth.  No leather colour was removed either.  The bag ended up perfectly restored.  Where else can I try this?...

My car has bone-coloured leather seats.  My jeans have stained the edges of the driver's seat with an Indigo hue.  Let's try it.  Huzzah!  I don't have any photos for you but the results were as good as the yellow handbag above.  My dining chairs get a bit grotty on the top where everyone's hands touch them.  That worked too.

If you were to purchase leather cleaning wipes, there are a few brands available.  I found some Official Oakwood Leather Wipes for $6.99.  Face wipes such as Simple facial cleanings wipes are $5.69 at the Chemist Warehouse.  

Comparing the two products, the leather wipes list warnings about testing on a sample before use and not to use more than two or three times a year.  It doesn't list any ingredients.  The Simple brand facial wipes are what my daughter uses every day.  

What about other brands?  Well, it just so happens I have a packet of Neutrogena facial cleanings wipes and they worked equally as well. recommends using alcohol free wipes and suggests that even baby wipes might work.  Use what you have and try it.  If it's safe enough for your face, or your gorgeous baby's bum, then it can't be too harmful for some old cow-hide.  And like me, if the item is no longer usable because of the old stains, then you've got nothing to lose by trying it.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
   Theodore Roosevelt

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