Friday, 26 July 2013

Singlet Tote Bag

This week - let's try a bag!

This Week's Pin:  SaltTree: DIY Tank Top Tote in 5 minutes   
Who's This For?:  The girls to use for shopping
Cost:  Zero - All recycled materials and scraps

You'll need sewing pins, a sewing machine, scissors and a singlet top you no longer want to wear.  If there is one, remove the label at the top of the inside back of the singlet.  Otherwise, it'll always look like a singlet.

Cut off the bottom in a curve shape.  Make sure yours is more even than mine.

Pin a few pleats in the bottom and turn inside out.  Sew the bottom edges together.  Turn right side out again.

Cut out some petal shapes from felt scraps to make a flower.  I kept experimenting with designs but unfortunately, some of my earlier flowers above were a fail.

I used this design to create a really nice result.  I drew a 7 petal flower roughly on paper.  Then I cut out 5 flowers making each one a little bit smaller than the previous.  Then I layered them with the smallest flower on the top.  Simply pin and sew to the bag.

Have a look at my tutorial on the t-shirt scarf (click here).  I show you how to make a felt flower that you can glue or sew.  There are also some tutorials for really nice jersey flowers from 'intheoldroad' - click here. 

So that's it really.  So simple.  Here's the final result.  As a final addition, I topstitched around the top of the bag (not the handles because they need to stretch and I had to unpick mine).  My daughter liked it so much, she said "I'd wear that as it is now!"

Did it take 5 minutes?  Well no, but it was done in an hour and I spent more time experimenting with my flowers than sewing the bag up.  So I'm sure it's do-able in 5 minutes if you've got a decoration ready to attach.


“It's as hard to get from almost finished to finished as to get from beginning to almost done.”
Elinor Fuchs

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