Thursday, 21 November 2013

Egg Carton Wreath

This Week's Pin:  Egg Carton Wreath
Who's This For:  Me
Price:  Zero

This week, I'm doing some kinder-craft.  You know, like when you were four and had those scissors with the rounded ends and there was clag glue all over your fingers and finger painting was fun.  Wait, finger painting is still fun, but never mind. Onto crafting....

Using only egg cartons, the leaves are cut from the flat parts of the box (mostly the lid) and the largest cups are cut into the flowers and the smaller parts of the cartons are cut into smaller flower shapes; these are to be the inside petals of the flowers.  Don't be too concerned about the inner shapes as random and squished will still look fine once you place it inside the outer petals.

Some of the flower pieces I cut with rounded soft petals and some with spiky petals for variety.  I also cut little slits into the edges of the leaves for texture.

I painted each piece and cut out a doughnut shape out of stiff cardboard for the wreath base.

For a little realism, I added yellow dots into the flowers for pollen and painted the veins on the leaves.

The wreath I painted a gold colour because the flowers don't completely cover the cardboard.  Then I randomly placed the leaves around the wreath and glued them down.

Ha!  I really like it.  It's the first Christmas decoration I've put up and I've hung it in my kitchen so I can enjoy it all day.  For such a simple craft it did take me longer that I expected.  Waiting for the paint to dry, then painting the underside of each piece, having to make extra flowers to fill in the gaps just when I thought I was finished, meant that this project took waaaaay longer than I allocated.  Don't expect to do this little job in a day.

Until next week,


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
Edgar Degas   

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