Friday, 6 December 2013

Oven Tray Cleaner

I like efficient cleaning.  When I do something, I want to do it thoroughly so that I don't have to come back tomorrow and do it again.  So I'm going to try this tray cleaner and see if it can bring my baking trays back to life.

This Week's Pin:  Oven Tray Cleaner
Who's This For:  Me and my tired old oven trays
Price:  Tea Trea Oil $7.50 (for 15 ml) but you only need a few drops

The website, shows how to clean your oven trays using Melaleuca Oil.  As she explains, Melaleuca Oil is also known as Tea Tree Oil and is an antiseptic used for cuts, pimples, minor infections and insect bites amongst other things.  Can it polish my baking trays?  Let's see.

I combined a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil with a drop of Fairy Washing liquid and rubbed it on my old, stained tray.

Left hand side is before and right hand side is after.  Can't see the difference either?  Nope, me either.

I even used a scourer.  Heck, if it was going to come off with a scourer, it wouldn't be this stained in the first place.

I tried wiping it with Tea Tree Oil and then wiped it with Gumption Paste (or White Lily Paste works as well).

Yep, now there's some action.  So I'm going to wipe the inside with oil and then Gumption and see how it progresses.

I'm not exerting much force but it's certainly cleaning up.  But look at my cloth!

As a comparison, I cleaned the outside of the tray using only Gumption.  Brilliant, look at that!

Sorry Tea Tree Oil but I think it's the paste doing all the work because it appears that the oil is not improving my results at all on the inside of the tray.

So, I'm sticking to Gumption and perhaps if I stop cooking, then my shiny trays will stay shiny for much longer.  Now, where's that take-away menu?

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