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Week 11 - End of Term 2

This is it.  Week 11 of my challenge for this Term.  I've found it easy to gain inspiration from one Pin a week.  In fact, I've been inspired by many more than that.  I like seeing what others Pin.  I don't necessarily agree with it all but I'm curious about human nature, what other people think, what other people do.  Often it doesn't even make a difference to me at all.  Sometimes it does.

I like seeing what's happening in the online world and what's happening in the real world.  Occasionally this is the same thing.  Pinterest trends are often relevant to current events and issues but not always.  There are always Christmas and Halloween concepts that are in the popular search results.  

In today's search of what's popular, there's a Pin for the 30 day ab-challenge that has 622 repins.  Who's actually done it?  We need to see the before and after photos for proof people.  There's a Pin showing how to hang your coats in an artistic fashion on your cabin wall with 130 repins.  There's residual Father's Day gifts that are still popular.  Father's Day is in September in Australia.  We'll be coming back to those in a few months, so keep them coming.

Wedding dresses pop up on the screen at every scroll.  Some have over 300 repins.  Brides certainly are notorious for researching to find the exact thing they're looking for.  They're desperate to make sure they make their day perfect.  I found 922 repins of a Pin leading us to 'Clean, Healthy Salads'.  There's 230 repins of a baby dressed in a tutu.  Adorable.

And in today's popular search with 71 repins, there's this.

Henry Cavill

Ah yes.  The Pinner decided this was worth acknowledging simply because they are who they are.  Just to look at, of course.  These are not Pins for action.  Or for inspiration.  Simply for acknowledging.  Just to simply state: This is Henry Cavill - enjoy.

Benedict Cumberbatch is also a regular appearance in Popular Pins.  Now, see, I like watching Sherlock.  I enjoyed Mr Cumberbatch in the recent Star Trek film.  Is he a 'Pin-up'? (Sorry for the last pun, couldn't help it.)  I personally, think not.  Gasp!  Sorry, but no.  Here is my point.  You are allowed to think Mr Cumberbatch is (ugh) 'dreamy'.  I will not argue.  I simply don't agree but as that tired old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And behold, last night my eyes gazed upon Mr Henry Cavill in the flesh and blood.

This is not a surprise to you.  Or to me.  I told you last week this might happen.  My niece simply asked me to please touch him on her behalf.  That's nuts.  It certainly was funny to joke about it beforehand but in all honesty, you can't just walk up to someone and hold their hand.

But, here's what happened....

When the time came to arrive at the Red Carpet Premiere of "Man of Steel" in Sydney last night, I was buzzing with excitement.  The queue for the ticketholders spread all the way down George Street.  In the cold.  In the pouring rain.  The security guards inspected everyone's pass to ensure that they were entitled to walk the red carpet.  Please note:  There was in fact, no red carpet.  It was the regular carpet that's there every other day.  

We passed the guards and walked up the centre aisle.  The crowds behind the barricades looked at us.  Searching our faces.  We were nobodies.  Ahead, we see cameramen and interviewers asking questions of movie stars.  Russell Crowe has his own gathering going on over to the left.  We were herded by security away from this.  We can't stop and take a quick photo of Rusty.  "Move over to the right please," bark the security.  Oh, there's that guy from the video channel on Foxtel.  What's his name?  I see Timomatic, oh and Jasinta Campbell, hmm.  "Look, Henry is just there," whispers my friend (a.k.a. Mr Warner Brothers).  "Where?" I replied.


Bugger.  I can't see a thing!  We were herded up the escalator and as a far away as we could get from the action, upstairs with the hundreds of other invited guests.  Kept away from the movie stars.  Kept at a safe distance.  Oh, this is how it is, ok.  This does seem a little unfair.  Downstairs the fans behind the barricades are approached by the stars.  They hug, they sign autographs, they have quick photo sessions, they chat.  I see photographers backsides and the tops of movie stars heads.

My son needed to go to the toilet so he ran off and I waited at the top of the escalators.  I wasn't sure which direction we would need to head next.  I thought I had better just stay where I was and wait for my son to return.  Then, um, it happened.  Henry came up the escalator.  

Oh, look...that suit...those eyes...nice hair (a cross between Clark and Superman) handsome...oh wow...standing right here in front of me.. oh, God....CAMERA!!  Take a photo you complete idiot!  I wasn't close enough to say something either.  He wandered off through the crowd smiling, quietly.  That's a strange description, but he moved quietly through the crowd and disappeared.

So, that's it.  That's how I came face to face with Superman.  No photo, no proof.  I've mentioned to my kids to sometimes put down the camera phone and see it with their own eyes.  Just watch and remember the moment.  Don't stare at the back of the camera or that's what you'll remember.  

And that's how I ended up with this week's Pin of the week.

This Week's Pin:  The Man of Steel
Who's This For?:  Me
Difficulty:  Extreme - a very rare moment in time, never to be repeated

Lots of words this week; no craft, no glue, no baking or measuring.  We have a brief school holidays.  I'll gather some new Pins for next term: Term 3.  Gather new inspiration and ideas and see you then.  Thanks for all the feedback and nice comments.


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