Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Washer and Ribbon Necklace

Day 1 of Week 1 of Term 2.  Will I still be enthusiastic at Week 11?  It's a long term.  Good luck to me.

This week's inspiration: Washer and Ribbon Necklace
Who is this for?:  This one's for me
Original creative source: www.nestled.blogspot.com
Cost: $15.88
Difficulty: Easy Peasy

I really liked the simplicity of this necklace.  The industrial look of the metal combined with the softness of the ribbon is a fashion trend at the moment.  I thought that it would be an easy task to begin on Week 1.  Thankfully, I was right.

I bought 1.5m of double sided satin ribbon from Lincraft ($0.99 per metre).  I also found a packet of 10 metal washers ($7.19 a packet at Bunnings).  There were alternate washers that were cheaper (around $4.00) but I was concerned with the content as the packaging simply stated "Zinc Coated".  What else was in it?  Was I going to look like Princess Fiona after I wore it?  Would my throat turn a peculiar shade of green?  The stainless steel washers seemed the safest choice.

Using the instructions from nestled.blogspot.com for the Washer and Ribbon Necklace, I began to thread the ribbon in and out like the diagram.  The great thing about this Pin is that you don't need any written explanation.  The photos are clear and the technique is so easy that it was done within minutes.  I did find with the satin ribbon that I needed to pull the ribbon tightly after Step 5 to make sure the washers were evenly spaced.  Looking at the completed ribbon with 10 washers, I realised it needed more!

After purchasing a second packet of 10 washers, I completed the threading.  After just a few minutes, the threading was done.  I clipped the ends of the ribbon, painted the end of the ribbon with a little clear nail polish (so it won't fray) and tied a small knot in each end of the ribbon.  This necklace has no clasp but is simply tied in a bow behind the neck, adjusting for length required.  Easy.

Washer and Ribbon Necklace

Perhaps the most difficult part was taking my "selfie" to show the finished product.  I have dozens of photographs down my t-shirt, showing too much cleavage, too many chins, the necklace was crooked, the flash didn't work and so on.  I don't know how everyone else seems to take "selfies" with their trout pout incessantly.

Week 1 is complete.  Next week I'm creating something for my daughter to use for school camp.


"It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something."                           Franklin D. Roosevelt

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