Tuesday, 28 May 2013

T-shirt Scarf

This week's Pin is a 'fail' but then 'nailed it!'  Let me explain.....

This Week's Pin: T-Shirt Scarf
Original Source: Fashiondivadesign.com
Who's This For?:  Me
Difficulty: Nifty Scissor Work,  No Measuring, Quick Machine Sewing or Glue
Price: All scraps

I liked the above Pin, from http://www.fashiondivadesign.com/20-diy-ideas-for-scarf-which-is-going-to-be-trendy-this-spring-2013/ and gave it a go.

Using an old long sleeve t-shirt of my husband's here's how it turned out.
From this....
to this!
FAIL!  The overall look is scruffy, like I bundled a handful of rags.  The original t-shirt was a ribbed jersey so when cut into thin strips it frayed like crazy.  As I stretched each strip it didn't roll into a soft form, but frayed, crinkled and looked really messy.  I even tried plaiting some to give it some shape.  No, no I can't save this.

Try again.

I found some scrap cotton jersey so I sewed it up one side.

I cut strips off the bottom about 2cm thick.  I stretched each piece.

I doubled over the lengths and sewed each strand together at the seam.

After reading the Pin about making jersey flowers (http://www.intheoldroad.com/2011/12/fabric-flower-and-scarf.html), I cut out four, five petalled flower shapes from felt scrap and a circle of jersey.

I folded each flower piece in half, then half again and sewed together in this shape.  You could also glue.  The yellow circle I pinched in the centre, gave it a twist and stitched to hold it's shape.

I sewed the centre of the flower in place and sewed it to a few strands of scarf.  Again, all of these steps could be done by using glue.

The final step was to cut another strip of fabric and wrap it and tie it around the join in the scarf to hide the seams.  Finished.

Ah ha!  So much better, the strands of jersey have rolled into a soft form, the white flower brightens the whole look and it matches perfectly with my new jumper.  I'm ever so pleased and it cost me nothing, just a little of my time.

See you next week.


“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali

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